I’ve been toying around with this question for quite a while now. The majority of time, my answer was yes. I recently told my girlfriend, that in my opinion, there’s too much money to be made by CM Punk to never wrestle again. As much as he might despise Triple H and/or Vince McMahon, and as much as Triple H may dislike Punk, in the end it’s about the profit margin. Both parties will agree to bury the hatchet in order to make as much money as possible. And a professional wrestling career can go much farther than a UFC career can go.

But then I saw this video on youtube; CM Punk Bashes Triple H and thought, wow. CM Punk *REALLY* hates Triple H. It’s worth a watch. That first pipebomb Punk did was pretty accurate. It actually has me depressed that I still watch the WWE and I still pour money into the WWE Network every month. Triple H and Vince McMahon, it’s such a sad political company they’re running. Egos run wile. Triple H buries anybody he doesn’t like. Meh.

Then I watched a two part video of Chris Jericho talking about CM Punk… Chris Jericho on: the truth about CM Punk – Part 1

In the second video, Chris Jericho talks about pizza, and I think that’s the perfect analogy for the CM Punk situation… However, it’s just surprising going back to that original pipebomb, and realizing that was already 4 years ago. 2011. Geeze, it’s been a while.

Anyway, here’s to hoping Phil does come back to the WWE one day.