If anyone hasn’t seen Rival Angels yet, go on over there and check it out. It’s a webcomic about a fictional all-woman professional wrestling organization and the guy has been updating it three times a week for like, ever. Like for more than ten years. I think I remember reading that it takes him about eight hours to do an entire page. So that’s a 24 hour a week job (just for the art, let alone the forums, replying to emails, the upkeep, running the site, etc.). That’s pretty kickass. Anyway…

So I started posting on the forums over there, because a lot of the people in the forums seem cool. They know their wrestling. He’s got a pretty cool close knit group over there. But anyway, I kinda realized the more I post over there, the more my own webcomic turns into a ghost town. Okay, so let me try to run down everything I typed up over the last couple of weeks over there. And also, maybe, say what I would do if given creative control over the WWE.

The first thing I though the WWE messed up on was their use of stables. The Hart Foundation of the late 90’s was awesome. Nation of Domination was awesome. Even Disciples of Apocalypse were cool, in a way. Oh my God, DX, nWo, the Truth Commission, the Oddities, the Four Horsemen… Professional wrestling KNOWS stables. Nexis, the Straight Edge Society…

Anyway. WWE broke up the Shield AND the Wyatts WAY too soon.

So what am I thinking? Team up Fandango with Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose. Turn them into an almost pretty boy arrogant group. A three man version of MNM.

That said, I think they should bring more NXT guys into the main roster. That’s not it. I think they should hold off a bit until they have a new Nexus type thing. Bring in four guys together and turn them into an Evolution type group. The Shield was brilliant and so were the Wyatts. Why ruin what’s working great?

That said, on a recent episode of Smackdown or Raw, Erick Rowan came to the ring after Luke Harper won his match. Rowan, being a face, the commentators and the fans thought he was out to attack Harper. Instead he attacked Harper’s opponent, which I LOVED. I envisioned those two staying together after the Wyatts broke up. I could see Erick Rowan and Luke Harper being tag team champions, just walking out to the ring, holding the belts in one hand, letting them drag on the floor. Drop them outside the ring, before they even get into the ring, and just go around and beat people up. They could be DOMINANT heels. And a little more learning time would give Luke the amount of time required to up his game to either the IC or US title competition. And it could only help Rowan.

I like Naomi teaming up with Tamina Snuka. They’re using those two women how I envision they could use Harper and Rowan.