Gah, the Royal Rumble used to be my favorite PPV. All the glitz and glamour that is Wrestlemania never really worked for me. Royal Rumble was always better. It’d always have a World title match, a nice little under card, and the rumble match itself. A few years back they were really putting on a good show. But now for the last 2-3 years, it’s been a complete joke.

I understand heels cheat to win, but at what point does it stop being about being a heel and it’s more just insulting our intelligence? Becky Lynch finally got her moment, coming to the ring during this year’s Royal Rumble. Her music hit, the smoke came blowing up, and she got cheers. Then Charlotte cheats, Sasha Banks comes out, they basically throw Becky to the outside, insinuating, ‘Oh, you’re the worthless of the 4 Horsewomen. Sasha Banks and Charlotte is what the people *really* want to see.’ Becky had her moment, she had one match, so now they cast her aside. Meh.

Alberto del Rio and Kalisto had some messed up spots. I felt sorry for Kalisto.

The rumble match itself, gah. AJ Styles was the one positive of the whole night. After that it was all downhill. Roman Reigns getting jumped, then walking to the back completely killed it for me. At that point, I honestly felt like turning it off, cause you knew the next thirty minutes would end up being pointless. He was never eliminated at that point, so you kind of knew whoever ended up winning, it’d just be a rematch with Roman, making the whole rumble match kind of pointless.

Then he runs back only to get eliminated by Triple H. God, I’m glad Triple H knows what’s best for business. And also eliminating Bray Wyatt. Good job, boss. Without you, this company would be lost.

Then he wins the belt. Now that the Royal Rumble has become unwatchable in past years, gosh. I guess everybody can start canceling their WWE Networks for 10 months out of the year. Just sign up for each ‘Mania and each Summerslam. Meh. If it wasn’t for NXT, I would cancel.

They also used to have surprise entrants. AJ Styles was the only surprise over the last two years now. I counted how many people we got left after the number 28 guy came to the ring, and I recalled Sheamus. Then he came out at 29. I kept on thinking, who’s coming at #30? Is Seth Rollins ready to return? Daniel Bryan?! Oh, right. Triple H. Again. Sigh. Silly me for actually being optimistic.