This week’s Raw was actually great. About three things really had me pumped. But the divas match wasn’t that great.

Loads of theories online regarding the divas ‘revolution.’ The biggest of which I can recall is I think Mick Foley saying something the effect of, ‘Don’t tell us this is a divas revolution worth watching, show us and then we’ll believe you.’ I dunno, it could’ve been Mick Foley, Jim Ross, or Lance Storm.

What Lance also said was something I brought up probably a couple of years ago. Stop calling them divas. But the WWE won’t ever do it.

I am kind of echoing Lance Storm here, but you tune in and Stephanie McMahon is in there a few weeks ago talking up the divas and bringing in the nXt girls… Then they have a string of meaningless tag team matches, no title defenses, and then this week. The fans were cheering for Sasha Banks and she wasn’t even in the match. Then the crowd got bored and started doing the wave and chanting ‘We are awesome!’ Give us some storylines that are meaningful. Give us some interesting characters.

Instead they say, one week, ‘Hey, you better start cheering for the divas now!’ then they start doing the same exact things that turned the divas division into a complete joke in the first place… Scratching my head.