Aside from appearances from Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, the last two weeks worth of Raw have just been boring to me. I’m glad Brock turned face. I love Paul Heyman speaking so much. It’s about time he can play a face and get the crowd behind him. And Brock is just a beast. They announced a show over in Japan a while back, and ticket sales were lagging. So then they announced that Brock will be wrestling. Now it’s sold out. That *IS* star power.

I like to watch the divas, but lately there’s just been nothing worth watching. Now they’re hyping the fact that Alicia Fox is siding with the Bellas. A few botched spots. I still hate Naomi’s rear view. Just start twerking and get it over with. Meh.

Ryback, the new Intercontinental Champion going up against Mark Henry. I feel like Mark Henry is completely misused. Wait, again? WWE, you’re gonna have Ryback lift up Mark Henry AGAIN? That just happened last week. You’re becoming stale, WWE. We KNOW Ryback is strong. We’ve already seen him lift up the Big Show AND Mark Henry. How many times do you have to cram that down our throats?

I remember when Big Daddy V was wrestling. I sent WWE an email saying they have to big black thugs. They should just team them up. They did for a while, but it really went nowhere fast.

Ryback to the top rope with a frog splash. They really surprised me there. Ryback even pulled the straps of his singlet down, a la Mr. Perfect. Hmm.

The R’s on Rybacks gloves are red. The ones on his arm strap things are orange. Now he needs a yellow, green, blue and purple R.

Explain this series of events to me, please. Ryback beats up the Big Show after a promo, they cut to a commercial, then the *FIRST* thing they show us DIRECTLY following the commercial break was a replay of Ryback beating up the Big Show. Really, WWE? We have short term memory issues?

Adam Rose actually cutting a promo. Intriguing. Adam Rosa and his Rosa. Nice. Adam Rose is going to unveil his masterpiece. God, Dolph Ziggler is going to win, but I’d LOVE to see Adam Rose with the upset victory.

Dolph going for the fameasser, but Adam Rose counters and nails a HUGE spinebuster. That was almost an Alabama slam.

Yup, Dolph wins. Sigh. Please surprise me, WWE.

Seth Rollins out to apologize to Kane and to J&J Security, which allows me to go on a tangent. Talking to my girlfriend, at the start of Raw, I was saying how I feel the face should generally be an underdog. That’s how the audience relates to Daniel Bryan. The audience sympathizes with the underdog. What they are building with Roman Reigns, I don’t even understand. Roman Reigns should be the strong silent type. He’d make the PERFECT heel bodyguard for Seth Rollins, ala Shawn Michaels and Diesel. Instead, they’ve got a Terminator. How does one root for a terminator who’s unbeatable? It’s stale.

Anyway; So I read somewhere that when they split up the Shield, they already had plans to reunite them at some point in the future. I think it was for 2016. Who knows if they’re still going that route? Talking to my girlfriend, though, I was saying how… HOW do they reunite the Shield without making them face? The crowd wants them to reunite. The crowd is cheering for it.

So how do they do it? They almost HAVE to have a huge heel faction that they can’t overcome. I thought that was what they were planning with Brock Lesnar; Have Brock be heel, and Seth can’t beat him, so Seth goes to Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and begs for them to help him out with Brock. But now that Brock is a face, it just doesn’t make sense.

My girlfriend suggested the Wyatts. But I can’t tell. They’d almost have to have the Wyatts reunite and run amok, destroy the entire WWE roster. THEN the Shield reunites to topple the Wyatts. But even that wouldn’t really work. They’d need a Nexus, of sorts. An eight man faction that just runs amok on everything. Then the Shield come in to beat them.

Seth Rollins and J&J Security and Kane in the ring confronted by Brock. J&J and Kane standing next to Seth, before they exit the ring and leave Seth in the ring alone to confront Brock. And my DVR cuts off about two minutes too soon. It’s been happening for months now, and I never set it up properly. God. The final four minutes I never catch. I’m mad right now.