I watched this week’s Raw but I found myself extremely bored and fast forwarding it more often than not. Another stale match with Randy Orton and Sheamus, right? I don’t even remember it anymore. I remember telling my girlfriend that I’m sick of the both of them. They’re both better heels than faces, but they both have been using the same moves for the past fifteen years, and they’re so predictable. An RKO OUTTA NOWHERE, OUTTA NOWHERE, OM FREAKIN GAWD! Sheamus wears green when he’s a face and when he’s a heel he wears black and shouts to the audience, ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!’ No, we are. It’s just we’re sick of you. You can’t get over as a face, except for children, and clearly you can’t get over as a heel. Queue ‘You look stupid!’ chants. Sigh.

Paige trying to get the divas riled up had me interested, but then it ended up with a boring 2 on 1 Bellas beating Paige match. What was the purpose of that? The writing of the divas for NATIONAL FUCKING TELEVISION is pathetic. I watched a better NXT women’s match in front of 200 people down here in South Florida in April. I was rooting for the crowd to start chanting, ‘This is boring,’ but alas. They failed me.

The ONLY part of this week’s Raw even REMOTELY interesting was the final five minutes when Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman made their return. As Triple H was talking to Seth Rollins, I swore I KNEW they were teasing Lesnar, but I thought they were just teasing it. I was 99% sure Triple H was going to say to Seth Rollins that his future opponent IS Triple H. But nope, Lesnar’s music hit and the crowd erupted.

I also wished they would’ve done something with Gold and Stardust. I don’t know if Goldust is still hurt or what. But right after Dust Rhodes’ passing, they could’ve easily capitalized on that. They could’ve turned Stardust face over night, and the crowd would have cheered for him. I feel like he’s really not doing anything on his own. What’d be best for Stardust is a sibling reunion. Have another long run with the tag titles or something.

I don’t *THINK* I’m growing out of professional wrestling. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. I REALLY hope it’s the crap writing that’s making the current WWE product stale.

I watched an episode of ROH, and I love the Briscoe brothers, and I loved that big husky looking tag team with the bald heads and beards. They look awesome. It’s just sad; The state the industry is in. #Where’sJericho?