Ryback versus Sheamus. I was going off on Jack, saying how Ryback has the look, he has the build. But there’s just something missing. He’s a cheap Goldberg ripoff. The only fans who chant ‘Feed me more!’ are idiot six year old boys. But he’s got almost everything he needs. He just needs that last element. So my girlfriend said, ‘So he doesn’t have his own identity?’ I told her how fans chant ‘GOOOLD BERRRG GOOOLD BERRRG’ at him, and I said, ‘Sure. I guess that’s it.’ He needs that one more thing. He has all the potential in the world. Sheamus sucks too, though.

That whole bit with Bo Dallas and Neville was brilliant. I’m *almost* a Bo Dallas fan at this point. When I was young, I rooted for Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts when everyone else hated him. True story. At a life event, I’d hear his music hit, jump up, and look, left, then right. I’d see three other people standing. Then, I’d think, ‘Wait? He’s bad?’ and then Randy Savage’s music would hit, and everyone else would jump up.

Bray’s clothesline was epic. I knew he’d win.

I knew the tag titles wouldn’t change hands.

I was thrilled to see Kevin Owens, but I knew he wouldn’t win. I thought he came out for the US invitational. But he can’t win. He wouldn’t bring the US title to NXT, while being the NXT champion. And if they made it a title versus title match, Cena wouldn’t win the NXT title and bring it to RAW. They won’t cross titles. Once you understand that, the matches are much easier to pick.

Dolph / Stardust was a waste of time, and the whole tag team match of Harper and Rowan versus Fandango and Zack Ryder I was explaining to my girlfriend how Zack was never liked by HHH or the heads of WWE, so he tried that internet thing, getting fans, having an online show, the Internet Championship, and how at Mania, when he won, all the wrestlers in the back thought, Wow, all I gotta do is prove myself, put in my time like Zack, and I can make it. But two weeks later Zack was championshipless. And that made all the other wrestlers think, What’s the point?

Oh well, right?

The Divas Championship? Everyone knew it was lame. They wrote in AJ Lee to turn heel. But she retired, so they said, We’ve got 6 diva heels, and 3 faces, but one of them is Natalya, just a manager. Screw it, let’s have Naomi turn heel instead of AJ Lee.’ So they turn Naomi, then Paige gets hurt. So now we have the heel Bellas versus the heel Naomi and Tamina. The fans have nobody to root for. The first part of that match was boring. I knew Paige was returning. But seriously. They could use some better writing. I would’ve loved to have seen a Naomi win, new Divas champion, something new, something fresh… Give Nikki her rematch on another RAW, and build to a triple threat Divas match at the next ppv with Naomi, Nikki, and Paige.

The ending? God damnit. My DVR cuts out the last 3 or 4 minutes, so I didn’t catch it. Every time, I get pissed. But for the life of me, I can’t figure it out. Thanks for reading.