In my last post, I posted links to four drawings along with action figures I had up on ebay. The Dean Ambrose sold the day I put it up, but the other three are still available. I just relisted them today. I also listed two new drawings / action figures today, drawings that I just completed last night. So here’s a couple of images of the two new drawings (Paige and Rusev) along with links to the other three wrestlers available (Fandango, Brock Lesnar, and Alicia Fox). So if any of these names pique your interest, please go on over to Ebay and check them out! Thanks for looking.

Paige original artwork done by Jack and Paige Mattel Elite action figure

Rusev original signed and framed artwork done by Jack

Elite Fandango figure and original artwork

Brock Lesnar figure and original artwork

Alicia Fox figure and original artwork