I take pride in being a smart wrestling fan. I’m not the smartest, I’m sure there’s many who could talk around me. But I *am* smart, and I am a wrestling fan.

The first pay per view I ever bought was Royal Rumble 2015. My mother never let me get any pay per views while I was young, and I never got around to it as I got old. But Sunday before Royal Rumble, I went and signed up for the WWE Network. I seriously considered unsubscribing the following day, but have decided to keep it until March. The day after Wrestlemania, I’m unsubscribing, and I’ll continue just watching Raw.

Daniel Bryan got eliminated in the 2015 Royal Rumble, and the fans erupted in a negative way. #UnsubscribeWWENetwork was trending worldwide. The fans know what they want. They want Daniel Bryan. If you put Daniel Bryan against ANYBODY, the fans will cheer Daniel. The fans want the world belt on Daniel Bryan. If you put him up against anyone, the fans will chant for him. Triple H, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Hulk. Anybody would be the heel, if put up against Daniel Bryan.

The reason the WWE has to listen to it’s fanbase is because there are SO many other options out there. Listening to Steve Austin’s podcast with Vince McMahon, and them both agreeing that if you want to succeed as a wrestler, you have to be in the WWE. Sure, there’s Ring of Honor, there’s TNA, but really, you want to be in the WWE. That’s bullshit. Right now, in modern day society, the fans have every single opportunity to turn the channel. What would they replace the WWE with?

ROH, TNA, Glimmer, UFC. Movies about pro wrestling, webcomics about pro wrestling. There’s a lot of opportunity out there for professional wrestling fans.

I could stop watching the WWE tonight, but continue tuning in to rajah.com. I could stop watching completely, and still know whenever someone gets hurt, know whenever somebody returns, know it every single time a title changes hands.

In Part 2, I’ll get to what I think the WWE needs to change in order to succeed. I’ll also talk about all the wrestlers I think are stale.