Chris Jericho’s WWF debut (go to 1:15 if you want to skip the Rock’s promo):

This is how I’d book the WWE divas division. What they need to do is bring in an NXT woman (Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch would work well, Charlotte to a lesser extent) and have her deliver a 1999 Chris Jericho style promo basically bashing the entire WWE divas division. Instead of the Rock standing in the ring delivering a promo, it’d be the Bellas. This would just be a catalyst.

I’m not saying the WCW Invasion angle worked or anything, but with the divas I’d do something similar. I’d book the womens division to include both NXT women *AND* WWE divas. Have the NXT have their women, but the top four or five would work Raw almost every week. Tone down their NXT roles a bit, but have them work both NXT AND WWE. In the NXT they’d continue their roles, but on Raw, they’d be playing a role similar to the Invasion angle, or more recently, Nexus:


Within the WWE women, there’d be faces and heels. Within the NXT division, there’d be faces and heels. But the NXT women on WWE are united. It’s an US versus THEM mentality. It’s like the nWo and the WCW, to a much lesser extent.

I would also make a WWE Divas Tag Team Championship. There could be a really interesting angle where they play the crap out of triple threat matches / triple threat tag team matches for the new Divas Tag champ belts. It’d essentially be WWE face versus WWE heel versus NXT WOMAN. I’d stress the NXT girls being called ‘WOMEN’ as opposed to ‘divas.’

I would even bring in the NXT women’s championship belt. NEVER defend it on RAW. Have the NXT women’s champion tell the WWE divas, ‘I’m not defending this in YOUR court, you feeble divas. You want to PROVE yourself? Come face me on NXT!’ At an NXT event, the NXT women, face OR heel, would automatically become HUGE faces. The NXT crowd would boo Nikki Bella out of the building.

Defend the WWE divas belt and the new WWE Divas Tag Team championship belts on Raw. They might even show up in NXT. But NEVER defend the NXT women’s belt in the WWE. Just use it for it’s value: Saying this girl is a STAR and she can WRESTLE, too. Hell, if the NXT women’s champion wins the WWE divas belt, too? She wouldn’t even WEAR it. She’d wear the NXT belt, saying the NXT women are better than the WWE divas. The WWE Divas belt, she’d just drag on the floor. It could be brilliant.

They have a situation here that could be really great if played well. It’d almost be like the Radicalz thing, which the WWE really let crumble. THAT had potential.