So they’ve been kind of teasing a John Cena heel turn. The intelligent fans want to be able to boo him. The main reason they don’t pull the trigger is because of their irrational fear of losing merchandise sales. The truth is, families and kids and people go to wrestling events with twenty dollars. And they ARE going to buy a shirt. It doesn’t matter that it’s a John Cena shirt. If they turned Cena heel, that kid would just buy a Dolph Ziggler shirt or a Ryback shirt, or a Daniel Bryan shirt. You go to these events with money in your pocket and you’re going home with something.

What I’d do, though, is something a bit different. Remember the Hart Family? I mean the mid to late nineties Hart Family. When they had Bret in a wheelchair, Owen, the Bulldog, the Anvil, and Pillman. That was genius. They were anti American. So in America they were the heels. Everybody hated them. But whenever they had an event in Canada, or anywhere else, really, they were faces and the Americans were booed. It was simply brilliant.

What I’d do is something similar to that. Put Cena American. Or, have Cena be the ambassador of the United States Army. I dunno.

C.M. Punk was brilliant because when he was a face, he preached his lifestyle. No drugs, no alcohol. When he was a heel, he acted superior to you. He called Jeff Hardy the Charismatic Enabler. Brilliant. You can do stuff like that. Give Cena a superior, I’m a marine, so I’m better than you kind of gimmick. Take his rap thing and up it a notch. He was great in the beginning of his career when he was a heel. Meh. I dunno.

I just think the greatest draws are the kinds of people who are TOTAL faces to these people, but TOTAL heels to those people. Nation of Domination, Hart Family, anybody wrestling in their home town. Randy Orton in St. Louis, Daniel Bryan in Seattle, Mr. Kennedy (Anderson) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. If a heel tag team entered Raw in Green Bay wearing Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews jerseys, they’d be cheered out of the house for that one night.