I started my WWE Network subscription just in time for the Royal Rumble. Like most fans, I was let down by the results. Then I found out the month of April is free for all new subscribers. Doh. Should’ve just waited til April, then I would’ve got Fastlane and Wrestlemania for ten bucks. Instead of paid thirty for two shit pay per views and Wrestlemania.

That said, I think the WWE realized what it got itself into with Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble. That’s why they had Seth Rollins cash in his Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania. However, all that being said, I still do plan on canceling my WWE Network subscription.

The one bright side of the last three months in the WWE has been last week’s Raw.

When they first originally brought in Fandango, I loved him. I was like the Fandangoing fans. Then they brought him back as some wannabe Latino, and dubbed him the New and Improved Fandango. Why butcher a gimmick that was so over with the fans? Well on last week’s Raw, they brought back Fandango’s original music, and I read they’re ready to give him a face push.

I said a little over a couple of years ago that I think Sheamus is getting stale. Maybe he makes a couple of dollars in the merchandise department. Stupid little kids and their Sheamus shirts. But he’s been using the same exact moves he’s used for the last fifteen years. He’s looked the exact same as his debut. He’s gotten stale. Google him WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The sight just doesn’t make sense.

What I said a couple of years ago is that the only way I think WWE can go with Sheamus is turning him heel and just have him completely domination some top faces. Have him rip Dolph Ziggler to shreds. That’d only get more heat on Sheamus. Where do you go with the Great White after a two year heel stint? Who knows? I see him as an Intercontinental Champion at best. And now that Daniel Bryan is IC Champ, I don’t even see him there. Sigh.

And the WWE finally acknowledges the New Day Sucks! chants. Did the WWE create the New Day, knowing the vast majority of their fanbase is white males, and that a gimmick like the New Day’s will eventually get booed. Did the WWE know that before hand? I almost sense a Nation of Domination heel turn within about eight months from now.

I hope the WWE knows what they’re doing, but I’m through with the WWE Network. I’ll just continue watching Raw and reading the Pay per view results on Rajah.com.