Somewhere a few months ago I read that Vince McMahon personally writes all of Roman Reigns’ lines. I think Mick Foley, and maybe Jim Ross both blogged about it, saying let the poor kid fail on his own, Vince. Don’t run him through the ground by forcing him to be your puppet. What you think is cool, most people in the modern world wouldn’t agree with you, Vince.

Speaking of which, I read also quite a while ago that for years now, Vince has been in love of a Mighty Mouse type character. That’s all I remember. And now watching Neville with his blue cape, being the ‘Man Gravity Forgot.’ I think Vince finally went through with his Mighty Mouse type character.

Y’know, Vince isn’t a genius. He’s just a guy with a TON of ideas. If only five percent of your ideas are genius, that’s fine. You just gotta have a hundred ideas a day for any of them to work out. As often as WWE makes fun of the WCW for losing the war and going belly up… Man, NO professional wrestling booker or writer has ever had 90% GOOD ideas. Everybody has some shitty ideas. That’s life.