I wrote these first two WWE Creatives one night and got kinda stuck. And that prevented me from working on Jack and Jimmy for a long time. I work with a buffer, so most of the stuff I drew, I probably drew a month or two (or more) before I posted it. So quite a few of my jokes might seem a bit outdated. For that I apologize, I’ll try to keep some updates more recent. Anyway.

I wrote the first two, then gave up for a while. Then in one night, I wrote the full seven part series, along with what I’d type up in the blog post for each update. I really had seven good blog posts to go along with the seven parts of ‘WWE Creative.’ But I past out late at night, and the next day when I logged on, I forgot to save it all. So again, I struggled with remembering everything. The whole final version of WWE Creative, I hope you, dear reader, can get some enjoyment out of it. But it really pales in comparison to the first draft I had typed up. So, God. Gotta remember to hit the save button after you come up with something good.

On a last note, I kinda dig Roman’s response to WWE Creative’s suggestion. ‘I don’t believe in that.’ ‘Believe in the Shield.’