So which family was the better professional wrestling family? The Anoa’i or the Hart family?

The Anoa’i family had the original Wild Samoans, the Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu, Fatu of which eventually becoming Rikishi), the Rock’s dad married into the family, and thus the Rock was born, Rikishi’s sons, the Usos, Roman Reigns… A lot of guys.

But I think I’d side with the Hart family. I’d take Bret Hart over Roman Reigns any day of the week. The same goes for the Rock. I think if Bret would’ve stayed in the WWE, instead of signing with the WCW, Vince and him could’ve worked through their differences. And Bret would’ve been the face of the company for another ten years. Goldberg never would have broken Bret’s neck, thus forcing him to retire. Bret would be the same as Shawn Michaels. And Hunter would still be in their shadow.

I’ll give you the fact that the Anoa’i family has sheer numbers on their side. But the Usos are a joke. Rikishi was a joke. He was better when he was on the Headshrinkers. Yokozuna was cool, but he was so big he only had a handful of good years in him. The Rock was great, but left the WWE for Hollywood. Bret Hart, Owen Hart, the British Bulldog, the Anvil Neidhart. And if you branch out the Hart family to not only the family, but who was trained in the dungeon… Greg Valentine, Brian Pillman, Justin Thunder Liger, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Edge and Christian. Natalya, and the final Hart Dungeon graduate, Tyson Kidd. That’s a great family, and some great training right there. Gosh.