I just think it’d be hilarious if they did this. Every week give him some lame 90’s gimmick. Roman ‘The Snake’ Reigns, The Ultimate Roman, Roman Polo…

Didn’t they do something like that with Damian Sandow before he turned into Mizdow? Or Heath Slater did something kinda similar? Gah. I know they usually save those lame gimmicks for who they perceive as lame wrestlers, but it’d just be hilarious.

Roman ‘The Hitman’ Reigns, Roman ‘The Killer’ Reigns. That one actually sounds good. I think I invented it, though. I don’t recall any professional wrestlers nicknamed ‘the Killer.’

They should bring back Animal from the Legion of Doom and give Roman Reigns some lame face paint like they did with Jon Heidenreich.