This is what I hope they’re doing with the New Day faction. I made this point a while back, about how when they pan to the audience during a New Day entrance, about three people are dancing and cheering. What I hope they do with the New Day, is I REALLY hope they are planning what they did with The Rock.

The Rock debuted as a good guy, wearing bright blue, and he’d always pat children on the head. So the entire audience decided to just boo the crap out of him. While being constantly booed for a couple of years, The Rock slowly evolved into the ROCK. And during all that time, him trying too hard to be a babyface, and him joining up with the Nation of Domination, during all this time he was working on his in ring work, working on his charisma, his promos, all of that. The Rock became comedic gold towards the end of his time with the Nation of Domination. Then after the split, he became THE MAN and the crowd gave in to cheering him.

I HOPE the WWE is planning on eventually making this guys badass heels who wear only black. I doubt they’ll do that, though.