Something about guys like Ric Flair and Muhammad Ali. Did Flair base some of his mannerisms off of Muhammad? I wouldn’t be surprised. He could deliver a poem like the best of them. I mean, I wouldn’t even call Ric Flair charismatic. I don’t KNOW if all of his promos and interviews were his creations. Maybe he just had a couple of the best writers in the business. John Cena reminds me a bit of Flair, when he used to rap.

But Flair didn’t really have that great of a body. He didn’t have the look. He had Jake Roberts’ size. Athletic as hell, but he wasn’t nearly as chiseled as Mr. Perfect or the Ultimate Warrior. But when you’re that good of a wrestler, and whether you wrote your stuff or not, you could at least memorize it all for a few minutes to deliver an awesome promo… I dunno.

I don’t know why the WWE doesn’t have more heels they can write up like Ric Flair. Guys like Bo Dallas or MVP have the similar body type to Ric Flair. If Bo or MVP had a great writer writing him awesome promos like Flair… They could honestly fake it for a few years, and delivering epic promos written by the best, I think that’d wear off on them. And with time they could be that charismatic. Fake it till you make it.