I dunno. I just don’t really like Roman Reigns or Rybakc. I think they completely butchered both characters, and in my opinion, both characters have SO much potential. I thought when the Shield split up, they should’ve turned Reigns and Rollins heel, and Reigns could have had some time still being the strong silent type, in almost a bodyguard Diesel type role with Rollins instead of Shawn Michaels. They’re pushing him too fast to be legit. Watching Brock DESTROY him at ‘Mania was great. Then watching him hit a couple of his lame moves was pathetic. Watching Brock KILL him, then having him punch Brock a couple of times, and tackle him once or twice (I played tackle football. I know. Being tackled really doesn’t hurt) was just, UGH!

He needed more developmental time. Pairing him with Rollins would’ve done that. I even though at ‘Mania they still could’ve went that way. Triple H could easily cut a promo, calling all the fans idiots, and saying, ‘You guys THINK Seth Rollins is our guy? HAH! Roman Reigns was our REAL guy, and you all COMPLETELY bought into it! PATHETIC!’ That could either turn Rollins face, and have Roman be the ultimate Authority bodyguard, or Rollins could have been in on it too. I think WWE does need more heels.

And with Rybakc? Gosh, Rybakc has the look, he’s got a few of the moves. He can get the majority of the fans behind him. He can’t really give a promo, and him on the mike is like, I dunno. It’s like Rybakc on the mike. They didn’t let Goldberg talk, and look how he blew up. If a guy isn’t read to be charismatic, don’t force him to be. It just won’t work. I look at Rybakc and I see all the potential in the world, but it’s just not working. And for that, I think I hate him. Maybe not just him, maybe WWE Creative, too. You know.