Making fun of Rybakc just doesn’t get old. It’s so easy to do. He’s comedic gold, all around.

This kid I went to high school, a quarterback was big on weight lifting and training. He said a lot of big muscled up guys have the kind of metabolism that, once they’re done weight lifting, their weight will just blow up. Or once you hit that certain age, you just fill out. It happened to the Big Show, happened to Ahmed Johnson.

A lot of good old football players; I just watched a 30 for 30 (Or was it E:60?) on The Greatest Player that Never Was. A crazy talented football running back in high school who was bigger than everyone else on the field, and faster than everyone else too. He was highly recruited, but an injury during college kind ran his career into the ground. He played for the USFL for a while, then made a comeback and played for the Los Angeles Rams for three years before being released. But him, now a days? He isn’t that big 6-6 ripped thick guy. He’s obese. It just happens.

And it’s coming for you, Rybakc. The obesity epidemic.