Go watch some old 80’s pay per views. I already mentioned the Jumping Bomb Angels at the 1988 Royal Rumble. Go watch some old 80’s pay per views and look at the huge pops these guys could get. The Jumping Bomb Angels lost the first fall to the heel tag team, so the crowd got kind of out of it. But the second they came back, and won the second fall, the crowd was super hot the entire match. Watch Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He might’ve been a top six or seven face in the company, if that. Guys like Hogan, the Warrior, Jake Roberts. There were loads of guys more famous than Duggan. But Gosh, throw him against a foreign heel and the crowd would blow up for him. Guys can’t get reactions like that any more.

Fandango just got a huge reaction a few weeks ago when he brought back his old song. I think they were in Europe somewhere and literally the whole crowd was fandangoing. But the next week on Raw in Canada, maybe twenty people were cheering. It was pathetic. That was the night where they teased a Lana face turn, and Fandango was getting Lana to to the fandango. But the crowd just did not care.

I love what they’re doing now with Naomi and Tamina Snuka. I like the potential heel look for them. But the crowd just doesn’t care.


Maybe instead of blaming WWE Creative, we should start blaming ourselves: The stale crowds.