‘So my DOCTOR says I got this THING called BULIMIA NERVOSA… So I’m gonna HAVE to take some TIME off from this thing while I can get BETTER. Now, I know you all LOVE me, ’cause I HEAR it EVERY time I come to the ring. FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME–

‘But now, I’m gonna have to ASK you guys to pray for me, but pray a little DIFFERENT. Y’see, I got this problem my DOCTOR told me I got. And now yous all’re gonna have to start praying, ‘FEED ME LESS! FEED ME LESS! FEED ME–

‘And with a little bit of TIME, and the right sort of MEDICATIONS, hopefully my doctor and I can get THROUGH this with YOUR help. FEED ME LESS! FEED ME LESS! FEED ME LESS!’