Ah, to be stuck in such a shadow in the professional wrestling world. Cody Rhodes, Curtis Axel, Razor Ramon’s son… If Jake Roberts ever had a son, his son would be fucked. Even Randy Orton.

When you’ve got a famous dad in the organization, you have about a one in a hundred chance of succeeding. You gotta have the athleticism and charisma of the Rock in order to succeed. The Usos suck. Ted DiBiase. Oh, Bray Wyatt made it work. But look at Bo Dallas. Their dad being IRS.

All the young guys related to the Hart family. David Hart Smith, Teddy Hart… I could’ve sworn there’s a few others. Tyson Kidd really just got lucky since they paired him up with Cesaro. I dunno. Look at the original tag team. Bret Hart and the Anvil. Then look at the late 90’s stable. Bret leading the helm, the Anvil, the British Bulldog, Owen Hart and Brian Pillman. Those were, in my opinion, Bret, Owen and Brian being three of the top guys of the time. Owen has probably been the best heel in the WWE for quite a long time. And the Anvil and Bulldog are great supporting characters. With five guys like that together at one time… Their children have gotta be pretty damn special to even come close.