Butterfly Brock Lesnar. Seriously, though. I love Brock. How many people can say they were a NCAA champion, the UFC World champion, played in the NFL, and jumped to the top of the WWE, in the process becoming the youngest World champion in WWE history? And he’s still got a lot left in the tank.

People who hate Brock don’t really know why they hate them. I was watching this years Wrestlemania with a girl who HATED Brock. She had two insults she’d use against him, the first being he must be on steroids, and the second being he should defend his title more often. I kept on saying how he has an agreement with Vince on how many dates he works a year. You should enjoy him while he’s around. But no, she acts how the WWE wants her to act. Boo him because he’s a villain.

She kept on saying what Roman Reigns is trying to do, what John Cena already did is prove it to the fans, that they can put in the time to reach the top. But I don’t think she even knows that Brock Lesnar had a long run for the WWE a few years ago. Meh.