Just watching Backlash a few days late because of work.

I really like the Usos heel turn. If you’re cramming somebody down our throats as a face, and it’s just not working, there’s a *REALLY* easy solution: Turn them heel.

Now that they’re heel, and they’re no longer rocking the baby face paint and bright colors, they’re now wearing all black. They have that long wet hair, the Samoan tattoos. Now would be a perfect time for the WWE to admit they fucked up with Roman Reigns.

Put Roman Reigns back with the Usos, turn them all heel, and give them a simple name. Not a lame damn tag team where they combine the names. Breezango is stupid. They should just keep them separate, let them both have their epic entrances, and name them ‘Tyler Breeze and Fandango.’ Oh well.

They need something short and sweet. Something simple, like The Crew. So what would / could they name Roman Reigns and the Usos? Usoman. Romuso. Raining Usos. Stupid, WWE. Stupid.


The Reign.