Dear Vince,

I have recently moved to South Florida, and my girlfriend just bought us tickets to an upcoming NXT event, about 30 miles away. My question for you is this:

Will you sell me NXT for USD $1,000.00? Please?

Vince purchased the WCW organization for a reported $2.2 million in 2001. After watching the Rise and Fall of the WCW video, Chris Jericho said something to the effect of, ‘I wish I would’ve known how much it sold for. I could’ve bought it.’ Hulk Hogan said something to a similar effect.

Just more than two years earlier, the WCW was valued at over 400 Million dollars. Selling for just 2.2 million? Anybody could have bought that. ANYBODY who played in the NFL for more than five years could have bought that, at the league yearly minimum of $550,000.

There were a lot of businesspeople and millionaires who probably could have paid more. But Vince was the first contacted because the new Turner-AOL merger resulted in a lot of people owning a professional wrestling company who didn’t really want to own a professional wrestling company. Big deal.

So, anyway. Dear Vince,

Will you sell me NXT for $500? Please? (Inflation’s a bitch)