Jack and Jimmy is a satirical professional wrestling webcomic and blog that spoofs different pro wrestling characters and organizations, mainly the wwe.

Eventually I might branch out and spoof other companies and all. I never really watched the WCW, I’ve always been a WWE guy, but I am aware that it existed. Eventually I might spoof old school WCW, Ring of Honor, we’ll see. But for now I’m trying to target the smart WWE audience.

I might also eventually review Raw episodes, post a weekly or monthly podcast, all that. I don’t update my twitter account now, but eventually I might start tweeting during Raw. My whole problem with that is unless you’ve got a handful of followers, twitter feels like nobody ever sees your tweets. No sense in tweeting to an empty room. I dunno.

As of now, and since it’s debut, Jack and Jimmy updates every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And the blog updates whenever. It’s pretty sporadic now, but hopefully eventually I’ll post my thoughts on Raw, maybe Smackdown, different WWE documentaries, all that.